Maximize Your Workout

For an athlete to maximize each and every training session it is important to consider issues that allow an athlete to optimize the pre-workout, during the exercise and their recovery between exercise bouts.

Although stretching, compression, and massage are all important components that may assist an athlete’s recovery after strenuous exercise, what an athlete drinks before, during and following exercise will have a significant effect on how the athlete presents for their next training session.

What is RIPSTIX?

To optimize recovery from a nutritional perspective three important interrelated issues should be considered. Pre-workout, refueling of muscle, replacement of fluid and electrolytes lost in sweat regeneration and repair following the catabolic stress and damage caused by exercise, including boosting immune function post-exercise.

Most people would agree that proper hydration and fuelling your body during exercise and sports is essential. However, many fail to realize that our bodies are constantly exercising in our daily life.

Working in the Garden, walking at work, going shopping. These daily activities have our bodies needing support. The average person expels 4-7 liters of sweat per day, more with an active lifestyle. Your body needs fuel to keep you going.

Adding the Ripstix Program into your daily life will help you get more out of your day and feel better while your doing it . Your body considers your entire day as one long workout . Make sure you are providing it with the proper fuel to achieve your goals .

Like any precision machine, your Regardless of your daily activities, an body only works as well as its active day of work and chores or maintenance and support program pushing the limits of your workout, allows it to.

Preparation, active operation and recovery are key programs in your bodies process. Making sure each stage is properly supported wil help you achieve new levels and operate at with optimum performance .

Ripstix Solutions are design to enhance your bodies abilities to get the very most out of your workout . Naturally achieving this will support your body can rise to its full potential without the harmful effects of chemical stimulation . Give your body what it needs and it will show you just what you can accomplish.

Regardless of your daily activities , an active day of work and chores or pushing the limits of your workout , your body need to recover .

Your physical resources have been used to get you to the end of the day and replenishing those resources will help your body recover and prepare it for the next achievement .

Keep your body running at its very best and ready for whatever the next day brings by topping up your tank and refreshing the precision machinery that is you.

Ignite Pre - Workout

Understanding the need to get the most out of each exercise experience—whether running, biking, swimming, lifting, or however you choose to get out and move—Zija has formulated Ripstix Ignite. This powerful pre-workout supplement drink mix helps initiate blood flow, heighten thermogenic response, and increase metabolic performance.

By combining various beneficial ingredients that promote both physiological and metabolic optimization, Ripstix Ignite helps you get more out of each mile, climb, set, and movement. Its bright color comes naturally from elderberries. Use Ripstix Ignite before workouts to maintain an active lifestyle and experience next level results!

Fuel During Workout

To maximize workout results and help the body perform optimally, Zija has formulated Ripstix Fuel. This electrolyte packed drink mix responds quickly and effectively to the rigors of all levels of training, from light to intense. Ripstix Fuel utilizes natural ingredients that increase blood flow and provide the monosaccharaides that cells recognize the fastest and absorb the quickest—namely glucose for muscles and the brain, and ribose for the heart. It’s also colored naturally with beet juice powder, beetroot powder, and elderberries.

Use Ripstix Fuel during workouts to satisfy your thirst, replenish your body naturally, and keep you at your peak!

Recover Post - Workout

To help individuals improve their exercise results, experience, and recuperation, Zija has formulated Ripstix Recover. This delicious post workout supplement drink mix utilizes powerful antioxidant properties to help remove lactic acid from the muscles before it turns into a reactive oxygen species.

It also contains key compounds like Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) in an ideal ratio, which help muscles respond positively to the pumping, stretching and tearing that occurs during workouts. Additionally, Ripstix Recover delivers glucosamine, which provides lubrication and protection to joints and cartilage that are subject to extra weight and strain during exercise.

Recover Post - Workout

Over 150 million Americans consume soda on a daily basis, with the average soda drinker taking in three glasses per day. This mass consumption can have many negative long-term effects on individual health and wellness.

Besides carbonation, artificial coloring, and an excess of other synthetic ingredients, a typical soda contains 15-18 teaspoons of sugar per serving and upwards of 240 calories; this may account for around 10% of an individual’s daily caloric allowance, pushing them over the limit and reducing the amount of healthy calories consumed from whole foods, fruits and vegetables.

Soda consumption is strongly linked to weight management issues in adults as well as children. The food and beverage industry currently spends approximately $2 billion per year marketing to children ages 2-17. In the United States, nearly 40% of children’s diets come from added sugars and unhealthy fats. To help address the soda epidemic, Zija International has formulated Ripstix Hydrate.

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